ByLaws Proposal

This is to serve as official notice that the Alumni Association plans on voting on bylaws amendments at the Alumni Association meeting in February 2022.

Here you will find:

  1. A summary of the proposed changes

  2. The most recent copy of the Alumni Association Bylaws

  3. Our proposed New Bylaws

  4. Side-by-side comparison of the 2 documents

If you would like to discuss or vote on these proposed changes, please consider coming to the meeting in February.

Summary of Changes

Barring objections, changes, amendments to specific items, etc., the Alumni Association will be voting on approving the proposed amended bylaws as a whole, rather than each change individually.


The vote is being conducted in this manner for 3 reasons.


First - the number of small changes would take an inordinate amount of time to vote on individually.


Second - since the version of the bylaws we are using as our "starting point" is only the most recently adopted version we could find, it does not guarantee that we wouldn't be missing some amendments made between the time that version was drafted and now. Voting to adopt the bylaws as a whole would ensure that the new version is all-encompassing and 100% complete.

Third - as an alumni association we are at a point where we have basically experienced a "soft reset" - the previous board essentially stepped down, and the current board is picking up the ball and running with it. In line with item 2, we would like to handle everything as formally and officially as possible, and beginning by ratifying an entirely revamped and revised governing document seemed like a good place to start.

A summary of the changes is listed here:

  1. Formatting - changing from text-based Article/Section numbers to a list format, for easier reading, and for future changes. (with the document being list-based, if we need to add something in between certain sections, the sections after that will automatically update their number)

  2. Various typos, spelling errors, or omissions have been corrected

  3. Simplified or clarified language - some of the language was unnecessarily complex. The meaning of some sections has not been changed, but the wording used to express the same purpose has been made more clear.

  4. Removal of the “board of directors” - having a BOD may make sense for a larger organization that owns a house for the chapter, but as we do not, and likely will not for the foreseeable future, a BOD adds unnecessary complexity to our small organization.

    1. The powers previously given to the BOD have either been removed or transferred to the Executive Board

  5. Amended the VP becoming the President to the VP shall temporarily take over the president’s duties until a new president is elected (possibly the VP, but an election would take place)

  6. Executive Board elections are changed from being “as close to April 29th as possible” to “within the 1st quarter of the calendar year”. We want the executive board terms to align with the calendar year, however, to allow for flexibility in the exact date of the election in case other urgent matters would need to be discussed on the same date that the election would need to take place if it was limited to a specific date.

  7. Added announcement of next meeting to the order of business

  8. Expanding Executive board to 8 members from 7. The board positions will be President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Active Liaison/Advisor, Brotherhood Coordinator, and 2 Members at Large

  9. The addition of the “judicial board” was voted on previously (roughly around 2016), but it was not added to the bylaws document at that time. This is not a formal change, simply including a previously approved amendment to the official document

  10. Adding the “form of written notice” article - multiple places in the bylaws state that “written notice” must be given to members before doing things. This section is to clarify what constitutes “written notice” while also not requiring the bylaws to be amended every time there is an update or change in technology or member’s habits.

Most Recent Bylaws

This is the most recent copy of the Alumni Association Bylaws currently in effect. As noted by item 9, above, some recent changes may not have been included.

Proposed Bylaws

These are the proposed bylaws. We intend to vote on it as a whole, and any amendments not included here would no longer be considered a part of the bylaws

Side-by-Side Comparison

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