Our beloved Fraternity was founded on April 29, 1864. We celebrate this momentous occasion every year!

Theta Xi was founded on April 29, 1864. So every year, on a weekend close to Founder’s Day as possible, we celebrate our beloved Fraternity’s founding with our annual banquet.

Our Founder’s Day Banquet is tradionally where the Active and Alumni boards give out any Awards for the year - including Mr. Theta Xi, The Mo Seders Award, Scholarships, and announding our Angels and Sweetheart for the year!

In the past it was a more formal affair - renting an “event room” at a hotel in the general area, with a catered buffet. In more recent years, in part due to the epidemic, we have had less formal banquets hosted at a brother’s property. We grilled burgers and dogs, and had a great spring BBQ to celebrate Founder’s Day!

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